ARCH 502A: Mary Casper

Undergraduate Thesis Studio – Mary Casper

Thesis is a time to draw, write, and project. It is a time to speculate one’s own future, while articulating the starting positions of one’s own positions. Thesis is also a time to theatrically present a sense of occasion by constructing a platform to perform the idea that the student drew, wrote, and projected. It is a time to ask oneself: what is the notion of “good” in one’s own work? What is good? The community self v. the hermit self? The choice may be simple at times, or we might say that there does not need to be a choice at all.

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Screen Shot 2023-05-09 at 11.06.50 PM – Skyler Rosin

See Scrolls

Social media consumption, advertisement, and creation have become increasingly normal parts of society. As the world becomes more dependent on social media for news, cultural exchange, and commerce, a new…

presentation thesis 2-01 – Fernando Mercado


Our team thinks that the best way to reduce the consumption of clothing is to change the public’s perception of the things they wear and how they go about buying…

Screenshot 2023-05-11 at 11.12.44 – Ahyun Claire Son

Vision of Illusion

With switch of our attitude towards digital realm in the social context of post-Covid19 along with the boom of artificial intelligence platforms, the project envisions a space where every activity…

Thumbnail-17 – Sophia Sabini-Leite

A.Malgam School of Architecture

In this, my final semester, I explore an alternative methodology for practicing architecture and design. I began by acknowledging that current architectural education and practices remain strictly within regulated parameters….