ARCH 202B: Architectural Design II Gallery: Material Stories

Volunteers Needed!

Located between the center of the two districts in Downtown Los Angeles, a mixed-use structure is formed to perform the cycle of a donation drive, a workshop, and a personal gallery in an abandoned grass lot between Little Tokyo and the Arts District. The concepts of repetition and reorganization are focused through not only the programs but also are found in the characters and materials to allow visitors to repurpose used or donated items from around the area.

A continuation of the painted metal panels collected from local roll-up garage doors is used in this project, along with the secured foundation of concrete and HSS columns to locate multi-use purposes within the different programs.

The characters of this project revolve around people from different occupations and ages, in order to involve more attractions for people of all interests. With the concept of going from public to private, the three levels show a transition from collecting the needed items on the first floor, to the different workshops on the second floor, and finally to showcase their recreations on the upper galleries for photographs and pin-ups.