Venice Site 3

Hannah Rodrigues, B.Arch ’24

ARCH 102B: Architectural Design I

Gallery: Paloma to Rose: Primitives, Curiosities, Collage

Instructor: Melissa Shin

My site of the Venice boardwalk includes a cafe, performance stage, and beach cabana which are all focused around providing an escape from the boardwalk for families. This “”family/kid friendly”” theme is displayed by integrations of playground structures into the cafe and cabana and the stage as intended for kid-oriented performance. While all these structures are all open to the outdoors, they have limited access so they are still able to function as a closed off, secure spaces which can provide an intimate, safe place for a family. This accessibility decreases with each structure as it breaks down according to the grid that each structure is aligned on which implies that with each break down of the grid, the spaces become more intimate with less access to the public.