USC Center for Social Justice

Brian Wei-Chun Chou, B.Arch '21

ARCH 500A: Comprehensive Architectural Design

Gallery: Social Equity in Tall Timber

Instructor: Luciana Varkulja

The site of Leimert Park Los Angeles provided us the unique opportunity to investigate the rich cultural heritage and vibrant identity of this neighborhood, while taking on the challenge of introducing new modes of public transit and integrating sustainable design. As the city of Los Angeles pushes forward with the focus on transit-oriented developments, new public transits are being built all over the city in attempt to reduce the carbon footprint left behind by automobiles. The new metro line will provide the neighborhood fast and direct access to the greater Los Angeles area while putting Leimert Park and the USC Center for Social Justice on the map. In addition, newly purposed bike lanes also introduce a sustainable alternative for automobiles, potentially blurring the boundaries between transit and leisure. Pedestrian accessibility plays the center role in connecting the project to the existing nature of Leimert Park and the people of the neighborhood, with a strong emphasis on visual and transit connection. The project seeks to serve as a platform for voice and a beacon of hope for the people of Leimert Park in wake of the social justice movement, a place where people could come together as a community and find comfort from each other’s support while sharing their various talents and local culture. A physical and spiritual monument visible and accessible from all corners.