Tree-House Dreamland

Arsineh Baghoomian, B.Arch ’23

ARCH 202B: Architectural Design II

Gallery: The LA School, Materials, and a Kindergarten: Carefully Careless / Serious Play

Instructor: Scott Uriu

The concept of this project is to create a space which follows the existing shed’s rhythmic structure and rearrange the used material. And also plays with the idea of inside and outside by creating transitional space and have hierarchy between the inside and outside spaces. This project changes the conventional classroom boundaries and create a secondary space in to the existing shed and gives a new function to the in-between space. The translucent poly-carbonate playground is the imitation of a tree house, which has a central core that connects five small spaces in different levels.The existing building shed was elevated to create a shell for the inside translucent structures. The light can be control by the metal and transparent roof materials. The tree structure is suspended by cables and existing truss structures.