translations: image/map/line/object/image

Evan o ho, B.Arch '22

ARCH 402A: Architectural Design IV

Gallery: Odd Lots

Instructor: Yaohua Wang

While not ceding to representation as an end in itself, the project is a document of translational processes through (and of) representation. Taking the form of a sandwich, we begin with images perceived as maps, modulate into vector drawings and line work, then into articulations of an object, and conclude with a series of computer generated images. Conventions are superimposed and manipulated to articulate the qualities inherent to the specific medium. For image: pixels, halftones, focal lengths, light, contrast, color profiles. Vectors: line-weight conventions and scale work together to generate new text/ reinvigorate old. Object: the hyper-abundance of information is curated into spaces that express different flows and qualities, in a process that could be described as architectural pareidolia.