The Threshold of Economically Disparate Groups

Catherine Weilein, B.Arch ’21

ARCH 402B: Architectural Design IV

Gallery: Thresholds: Los Angeles

Instructor: J. Yolande Daniels

Understanding economically disparate groups through the lens of strip malls informed this semester’s projects. Studying the additive and subtractive nature of their facades encouraged an analysis of a strong datum, followed by analyses of mass conservation and subsequent shadows, resulting in work focusing on these qualities. This study led to the design of a Little Tokyo/Arts District metro station. Metro stations innately target a specific user as strip malls do, and they play with a similar approach to carving out mass. To fully understand a metro station through a strip mall lens, there is a singularity and repetitiveness to the project, yet in its details it adopts the attributes of an entire strip mall catalogue, not to a particular demographic.