ARCH 102A: Architectural Design I Gallery: Co-Domo

Team 4: The Mentils House

With the opportunity to create a cohabitational dwelling, our main focus when it came to designing was to have a space that encourages social behavior and brings occupants together through the shared domestic ritual of food preparation. Our structures’ forms are made from the use of addition and subtraction. Christian’s building has a central volume in which the other volumes are extruded from and added on to. Larisa’s building takes the given boundary and subtracts corners to create a larger building varying in shape and height. Our buildings together evoke a sense of interlocking through the large geometric figures. Through our layouts, both schemes utilize nesting to enclose our central program, the kitchen, giving the workspace more privacy. The kitchen is meant to act as the heart of our designs with multiple access points available to both buildings. The multiple access points within the individual structures and central kitchen are meant to encourage interaction, collaboration and free movement between the dwellings. The organization of both of our schemes are meant to divide the program of our site. The entrance of our site primarily housing structures meant for rest. Meanwhile, the back portion of our sites primarily house the work-oriented structures.