ARCH 102B: Architectural Design I Gallery: Architectural Primitives: Geometric and Mythological

The Framing Fingers

My project is called The Framing Fingers. It explores the landscape functions as an object bridging three personalized pavilions, while also framing the ground, sectioning off spots around the pavilions for stable activity. The path geometry is also informed by the slight tilts of the axis of each of the pavilions aimed to get the best view of the beach and the sunset, which in and of itself creates new packets of space. The project is also unified by the stacking language throughout between the pavilions and the landscape, as well as three different levels seen through the section. The paths undulate up and down, wrapping around the pavilions as both transportation and visual unity. Overall, the project finds a unique balance between unity through the differences in the pavilion characteristics allowing for a diversity of spacial conditions and moments, making the project take on a synergistic, lively nature.