ARCH 502: Architectural Design V Gallery: Markets

Super Wet-Market

I want to use my thesis project, Super Wet Market, as an opportunity to reconstruct automation’s role in the grocery shopping experience and people’s relationship to food.

After the COVID- 19 outbreak, the term “Wet Market” has been repetitively used as the derogation of the traditional market and farmers market.

What will be a grocery store experience that both appeals to the less informed common customers who are used to the environment of Walmarts and the foodies who cherish freshness and farm-to-table experience in Traditional Markets? Can we use the automated supply chain in Supermarket for celebrating the processing of foods instead of alienating humans from it?

Starting from indexing the mechanical elements in food processing lines, my thesis project – Super Wet Market attempts to reconfigure an automated hyper-reality of the traditional market in Urban Las Vegas.