ARCH 102A: Architectural Design I Gallery: Co-Domo

Team 5: Studio You

With this project, we wanted to create a dwelling for work and rest for two cohabitating artists. We were inspired by Juan O’Gorman’s Casa Estudio de Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo, a structure similarly built for two artists to live and work in.

When deciding what type of artist to design for, we wanted two mediums of art that were drastically different. Rohtit chose a sculptor, while Justin chose a media artist. Following this concept, we wanted to create a space that would provide as both a cohabitable living space for both artists, as well as allow ample space for each artist’s individual design process’ to be explored. By creating a space that uses each artists differences to both contrast and compliment each other, we aimed to create interior and exterior spaces that flowed seamlessly together, working working along side the respective work spaces of each of our artists to create a shared site that flows together to meet the needs of each client.