ARCH 402A: Architectural Design IV Gallery: Off-Grid and Off-Site: Strawberry Fields Forever


The primary objective of this project is to harness the atmospheric water within the air and providing that water to migrant farm workers and the field. Atmospheric water would be harnessed through forcing the process of condensation by capturing wind and funneling that air into the WEDEW system thus generating water for the migrant farm workers and supplying water bank into the water tanks located within Ojai California. Prefabricated units create a system of structure for units and funnels to be plugged into based off the wind patterns for that season so that maximum atmospheric water can be harnessed. Water Tank Cores are initially installed into the site and the Prefabricated units are placed around the cores which allow for direct access to water and placement for air funnels to harness air to start the process of condensation.