ARCH 402A: Architectural Design IV Gallery: Extreme-ness, or Nine Points for an Architecture of Affordable Housing in Los Angeles

Stacked Lattice

Los Angeles is in a state of crisis when it comes to providing low-cost affordable housing solutions. Housing the homeless and the “working poor” in high rent / high-value Los Angeles becomes more difficult with each passing year. Los Angeles’ has a history of low-density residential housing and urban sprawl which has left large areas of air space underutilized – and largely forgotten. This proposal seeks to rectify these issues, (in Lincoln Heights,) by celebrating and preserving the historical characteristics of the neighborhood while providing solutions to the complex issues faced by the residents of this neighborhood.

Specifically, the proposal calls for a stack of linear bars that will float above the existing warehouses, taking their form and arrangement from the existing buildings below. Programmatically, this project will add both desperately needed temporary housing solutions for those experiencing homelessness, and more permanent transitional housing for singles, small families, and single-parent households. Conceptually, this project also seeks to be a potential solution for other underutilized industrial structures in the area and particularly the un-utilized airspace above.