ARCH 302A: Architectural Design III Gallery: Co-op City – Housing for the Collective Good: From Minimal Dwelling to Maximal Housing

Spontaneous Interactions

This housing project provides living arrangements for individuals and families in various stages of life by offering apartment units with different capacities, ranging from 1-5 people. Since my site was situated between two commercial buildings, a parking lot, and a busy street, I felt it was important to give the residents an escape from the bustling environment while not disconnecting from it entirely.

Organized around a central courtyard, there are two towers of public program for the residents. The tower adjacent to the street is casual and dedicated to socialization, featuring lounges, game rooms, and TV rooms. The opposing tower is quiet and dedicated to working spaces, consisting of co-working spaces and a resource room that gives residents access to a library, computers, and printers.

The central courtyard also functions as the circulation core with walkways branching out to the perimeter of the building. However, the stairs and walkways were not designed to be purely circulation devices, instead, they are spaces in which spontaneous interactions can occur between residents as they go about their day and move throughout the building.