Regenerative Agritecture

Stephanie Saunders, B.Arch '22

ARCH 402A: Architectural Design IV

Gallery: Off-Grid and Off-Site: Strawberry Fields Forever

Instructor: Jennifer Siegal

This project proposes panelized, modular housing for fieldworkers in California that is reflective of the technological future of agriculture. Through a study of computer systems architecture, the housing community can be conceptualized as a reflection of the growing presence of technology in industrial agriculture. Each unit acts as a ‘hard drive’ within the system that can be input anywhere and functions in relation to the ‘hard drives’ that are adjacent to it. However, fieldworker living patterns are more variable than computer servers, so while the whole system originally models itself on this rigid technological structure, the units can slide along the grid to create new interior and exterior spaces. This project proposes a model of a new future for industrial agriculture; one that does not ignore the benefits of technology while integrating and adapting to the needs of the fieldworkers.