Primitive Piles

Samantha Shanne, B.Arch '23

ARCH 302B: Architectural Design III

Gallery: Oakwood Community Center

Instructor: Melissa Shin

To revitalize Oakwood Community Center, this project aims to bring people together through sport activities. Sports are not only beneficial for physical wellbeing, but they are also effective in bringing communities together. As such, my project proposes 25 meter wide, 8 lane swimming pool as the wildcard program, as well as additional sport functionalities in the multipurpose hall, such as basketball court, tennis, badminton, or volley.

Formally, my project aims to explore spatial diversity through the abrupt piling of primitive shapes. Different volumes and the spaces within are arranged within 2 intersecting grids to fulfill programmatic requirements, using the multipurpose hall and swimming pool as anchors. At times, the intersection between the grid and volumes signify a unique program, such as sliced elements which reflect entry points into the building.

To further reiterate the formal agenda, 3 different primitive shapes are projected back onto the building, each creating a layer of colored metal mesh. The projections lead to misreadings of the initial primitive shapes through moments of distortion and slippages. The layering of different projections are strategically configured to provide more or less shading to the program underneath.