ARCH 402A: Architectural Design IV Gallery: Extreme-ness, or Nine Points for an Architecture of Affordable Housing in Los Angeles

Porosity in Gap Space

The project is located in gap spaces in Lincoln Heights neighborhood and can be applied to other places in LA wherever the leftover gap space happens. Typically, each slot is between 15’ to 20’ wide and around 100 ft long.

To correspond to the neighborhood’s plan, a 5-floor building is built on each site in the narrow slab typology. Ground level serves public functions such as medical room, educational room and communal kitchen to improve the well-being of the neighborhood. Five different split-level units were arranged on upper-floors single-loaded, with communal gardens on each floor.

The concept of layered porosity comes from different relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces in each unit, which refers to different depth of void spaces in the building. The porosity helps with the access of light, ventilation and view in the high-density residential building, as well as creating the unique layered façade that hopefully can contribute to visual pleasure.