ARCH 500A: Comprehensive Architectural Design

Planted Community Center

Looking at the location of Leimert Park Plaza to the southeast of the site and seeing the lack of green space in the general vicinity, this need drove the concept of the project to supply additional greenspace.
The main greenspace location on the site is open to the public, contrasting to where Leimert Park is gaited and able to close itself off from the rest of the city where green space is such a rarity. While on the site, the public outdoor space is acting as an extension from Leimert Park in order to join the otherwise separated locations along with the new metro stop in the middle, to achieve a greater push towards communal gathering. with secondary outdoor terraces link program to one another serving as a belt to bring the site together further expanding on the concept of generating more green space. As you move up levels, the program becomes geared more towards a specific user and therefore more private with green spaces to serve as a common shared space, contrasting its more private program.
Overhangs and pergolas provide shade and reduce solar gain. Where necessary, perforations in the pergola overhangs modulate the lighting and exposure to the sun. by their density, shape, and the shadows they generate.
creating a unique type of public space with its approach to identifying its most popular program oriented towards the new metro stop. The idea of a green boulevard that connects the building to its surroundings is taken up by the design and continued vertically to develop a consistent transition between the green space and user program.