ARCH 402A: Architectural Design IV Gallery: Extreme-ness, or Nine Points for an Architecture of Affordable Housing in Los Angeles

Pixelated Green-scape

A tartan grid derived from parcel geometry serves as the organizational system for a mat-based typology. The site spans 960 feet over three residential blocks. Solid-void figures following pixel-bar logic organize the plan and elevation, allowing for the emergence of a dense green-scape corridor. Programmatically, the project is conceived as a village of private micro-units with roof gardens above shared spaces. Program blocks host clinics, classrooms, counseling, lounges, and yoga/meditation spaces found along the perimeter sidewalk. Conceptually, the pixel layout generates a field-field condition that responds laterally to the 12.63-acre historic park and can start to address the 0.03% of developed park space in the Florence-Firestone Community.