Perforated Mat-Scape

Juan J. Villatoro, B.Arch '22

ARCH 402A: Architectural Design IV

Gallery: Extreme-ness, or Nine Points for an Architecture of Affordable Housing in Los Angeles

Instructor: Gary Paige

The reference of perforated mat-scape alludes to the porous definition of homelessness, but rather it is a more refined and focused approach. The project is located on the underpass of freeway 110 on the Greater Elysium Park with just a little bit over 112 thousand square feet is a metaphor to unhouse people’s way of life. The project is programmed to be an urban sprawl of supportive housing, with program spaces such as job placement, addiction counseling, mental health programs, theater, mix-use game room, and other communal spaces. The project’s diverse programs are a metaphor for the diverse problem of homelessness one size fits all ideas. The project itself is an interpolation of the neighborhood’s diversity of spaces Greater Elysium Park is known for. A clash of industrial, commercial, residential, and open spaces that accumulates to this richness of mix-use collision.