ARCH 102B: Architectural Design I Gallery: The Fundamentals of Architecture and Narrative

Ocean Studio Gallery

My project uses a straight and curved line system to create a personalized work live situation for my client, an extroverted, landscape oil painter/ businessperson with the intention of merging his work and live to compliment his character. The site features a continuous loop of gallery exhibitions with breaks intended for open spaces away from the artworks that are meant for social interactions and gatherings. In the section, the site undulates between the work live by providing different heights for the gallery and personal spaces with the intention of maximizing the climax of the site, the artist’s open studio that also serves as an ocean viewing deck. The anticipation of the ocean is also supported by a series of disintegrating openings along a preexisting grid throughout the site to offer a glimpse of the ocean side-by-side the featured paintings. Finally, the spaces enclosed by the path serves as the artist’s personal space, where his only true privacy exists, as well as his party room with a full bar and areas for seating and conversing.