ARCH 302B: Architectural Design III Gallery: Oakwood Community Center

Oakwood Town Square

The Oakwood Town Square offers a welcoming space where people from all different backgrounds, cultures, and ages can come together to interact and bond with one another. The Town Square is located in significant location enhancing the lives of the students of the nearby school, the church members of the First Baptist Church, and the Oakwood Recreational Park users. The design is based on a main central open courtyard that ties all of the different programs offered ranging from a great event hall, to a public library, to afterschool kids classrooms, and a new community market for all members to use. Structurally the project aims to maintain an open and light atmosphere by maximizing the use of natural light by perusing the typology of a transparent exterior that allows for a direct connection from the outside to the inside. Environmental integration and strategies are applied on the addition of exterior perforated metal skin blocking direct sun exposure reducing the solar heat gain on the exterior curtain wall facade.