Mirror Distortion

Adrianna Fransz, B.Arch ’21

ARCH 402B: Architectural Design IV

Gallery: Dungeons and Diptychs

Instructor: Alfie Koetter

Beginning with the Millard House, the addition privileges slight difference over complete similarity. The addition preserves the chunk-like formal qualities of the original house and differs in the details. The addition mirrors and then shifts down from the house. This effect creates a broken mirroring effect in elevation and in plan. The overlapping spaces of the addition and the original allow for a long, continuous circulation path through the shared floors.The addition shifts again, this time forwards and leaving only an imprint of this move. This allows for sunlight to reach the underground floor.

The dungeon plans formed from the addition seek to create a full of mini-bosses and ending with a final boss fight before exiting the dungeon. The path is not straight up and then down but instead pushes the player to explore. The site oblique reflects the world created in the dungeon plans. The perspective begins to imagine a new world, taking inspiration from the neon of the dungeon plans and creating a world that is not too far in the future.