Live/Work Housing

Samantha Shanne, B.Arch '23

ARCH 302A: Architectural Design III

Gallery: Co-op City – Housing for the Collective Good: From Minimal Dwelling to Maximal Housing

Instructor: Yo-ichiro Hakomori

This project addresses the desire for live-work spaces as shown by 20 | 20 Vision Survey results, which was conducted as part of an initiative launched in 2014 by members of Leimert Park and Urban Land Institute (ULI) in order to drive the economic development of the area in tandem with the establishment of the Metro Station. Situated in the threshold of both residential and commercial districts, this project bridges the gap between the two areas through both program and materiality. Ground floor units serve as retail frontages that would further increase foot traffic and visitors to Leimert Park; the secondary program, the multi-purpose room, further enhances Leimert Park’s highly social community. Flexible units allow a variety of live-work configurations depending on the residents’ needs. The project also integrates traditional and contemporary elements through the use of brick and the conventional gable roof, coupled with glass louvers suitable for passive cooling.