ARCH 500A: Comprehensive Architectural Design

Leimert Theme Park

The driving concept for my project is one of a theme park. In this case, It is a place, where different groups of people and individuals come to experience, the arts and culture through expressive participation. The architecture is a reflection of the playfulness and ambiguity of space, when you give up all control to the user. The spaces and program is scattered through multiple floors like confetti, allowing for the visitor to explore, climb, interact, and discover the variety of public programs. Although, this space is created as a result of an infinite, strict and artificial design process, it stands as a place which is not planned at all, or which has been made automatically with no intention. The place which is vague, unpredictable, filled with unlikelihood. Something that is not meant is produced as a result of an intentional and strict design act.
Where there are layers to program, groupings, and worlds within worlds. The various attractions, private and public spaces are grouped up while being seemingly scattered through, allowing you to wander.