Leimert Park Institute of Film Arts

Rachel Alexander, B.Arch '22

ARCH 500A: Comprehensive Architectural Design

Instructor: Erin Kasimow

As Leimert Park becomes further developed, and parking lots become construction sites, a pedestrian network has failed to keep up. Meanwhile, an existing network of pedestrian-scaled alleys provide people shortcutts for daily life. Some of these thoroughfares have become formalized shortcuts, such as “Tha Alley,” a new concert venue in an alley adjacent to the performance space, “Hot and Cool.” By enlisting the alley typology as a performance venue, the concerts become similar to a block party which supports local Black culture, art, and music, as well as surrounding local Black-owned businesses.

This project considers alleys as fertile territories for the public realm, which offer pedestrian avenues and plazas. The intention is to draw on the familiar typology and existing infrastructure of alleys to promote a populated and activated pedestrian scale utilization of circulation networks, both within the architecture on the site, as well as connecting to the broader network of the Leimert Park neighborhood.