Leimert Park Institute of Film Arts

Camille Rider, B.Arch '22

ARCH 500A: Comprehensive Architectural Design

Instructor: Olivier Touraine

Conceptually, this project aims to prioritize flexibility and personality, and will do so by marrying curves with a grid in order to create a building with unique, fluid moments while also establishing structure and regularity. By focusing on flexibility and personality, a dynamic, lively environment can result and act almost as a sculpture that attracts and welcomes all.

The overall form consists of the organic program spaces suspended within the structural grid where each program block stacks upon the level below. Cores are inserted into this form and serve as circulation and mechanical space.

In terms of materials, all structural components are cast-in-place concrete, and the programmed spaces are defined by an operable glass panel system. This system consists of glass panels suspended from an aluminum track with the ability to rotate and glide, offering a variety of formation options – fully closed, open for ventilation, fully open, open and stacked, etc. The resulting flexibility is particularly useful on the ground level where a seamless connection with the site can exist.