Leimert Park Institute of Film Arts

Jose Zagal, B.Arch '22

ARCH 500A: Comprehensive Architectural Design

Instructor: Olivier Touraine

The design of the Institute of Film Arts is influenced by the site context as well as by the culture that defines the neighborhood of Leimert Park. Through the site analysis, the data shows that the street and parking lots surrounding the site are often used for festivals, jazz concerts, markets and other social gatherings. Because of this, the main design idea was to have the shape of the building become an extension of the public spaces. The overall form of the building is split up into two different volumes to maximize the outdoor spaces, and it also provides an opportunity to have different views of the surrounding urban landscape. The sloping roof of each volume has a communal purpose, one being an outdoor garden connecting to the metro plaza and the other used as an outdoor screening and performance area. During public events, the outdoor spaces of the building will act as a middle ground connecting to the West Parking Lot (adjacent to the site) and the Metro Plaza to expand the public spaces that the community can use.