ARCH 500A: Comprehensive Architectural Design

Leimert Park Film Institution: Conflict in Light and Dark

Getting the idea from the photography work in the Underground Museum that using light and shade to depict the social conflict inherited in the history and culture, the film institution uses the contrast of material in combination with form and light to emphasize that contrast: the concrete represents concept of primeval by creating dark and solid space, while the glass represents modernism by creating light and void space. The other contrast happens between day and night: during the day time, the building resembles a large concrete building from outside as a whole, and light will penetrate into the interior spaces by using the special light-transmitting concrete block material to save energy. But during night time, the artificial
light from inside will come out, and the building will becomes a glowing object along street in night. The quality of light-transmitting concrete will transform the building’s facades to a large “film screen” that can project people’s silhouettes and movements and integrate them as part of the dynamic facade.