ARCH 302B: Architectural Design III Gallery: Re-thinking the LA industrial vernacular and the long span tradition

Leimert Park Community Center

The intention of project was to take a responsive design approach to a community center in the heart of Leimert Park, California. Through extensive site analysis, specifically looking at circulation, activities, and typology, it was clear that the inhabitants of Leimert Park desired a space in which groups of people can gather outdoors, yet a structure that would not go against the culture and history of the people who fought so strongly to create and result in unwanted gentrification. I interpreted these needs in terms of structure with recycled 2″ x 2″ timber frame structure, that conceptually starts with a large box made up of smaller boxes on a 2′ x 2′ grid and then gets carved out to create inviting, open spaces and access points for the community to gather. The excess structure is then able to be used as seating for basketball courts, cubbies for classrooms, skylights, etc. The facade uses a paneling system of three different materials: aluminum, polycarbonate, and terracotta in order to create a mosaic of materiality in which the community could participate and customize their own panel.