ARCH 402B: Architectural Design IV Gallery: Dungeons and Diptychs

La Miniatura Inversa

Addition to Frank Lloyd Wright’s textile block house “La Miniatura” through the diptych. The massing is generated as a copy of the original house through a process of rotation and projection used to break down the original massing into a greater number of parts. The addition takes the place of the garage and functions as a separate entity from the original house.

The diptych emerges through an emphasis on the existing rules of symmetry found in the placement of the program in the house through plan. The elevations show how the projection of material unifies the houses losing the reading of a boundary from one house to the next through the exterior.

The qualities of the house seem out of place and context in its real-life site, allowing it to be easily placed in any fantastical landscape weather that be in The Legend of Zelda Scene or Outer space. In its Legend of Zelda approach, the building continues its double reading with a “normal” aspect on the exterior and a progressively more dangerous interior filled with monsters and traps as the player progresses through the levels of the house.