Interlocking Caverns

Chaila Johnson, B.Arch ’21

ARCH 402B: Architectural Design IV

Gallery: Dungeons and Diptychs

Instructor: Alfie Koetter

Starting with Frank Lloyd Wright’s Freeman House, my new addition changes certain inherent qualities present within the original house while maintaining the original footprint, producing a diptych condition. Rotating the addition 180 degrees creates 3 zones, the middle zone produces a shared condition between the two houses while the original and the new rest on either side.

The elevations show the how the primacy of the original is maintained through the sinking of the remaining levels of the addition underground. In this arrangement, the building is given a monolithic presence, this presence becomes obvious in the south elevation.

With the lower levels concealed underground, a landscape is constructed forming a house resting on a cliff side, the second level plan (page 2) shows this. Moving forward, “”dungeon”” plans are created of my new addition with fantastical translations. Underground levels take on a cavernous quality due to its location within a cliff and skylights become pools of lava.

The site plan also begins to relate to the idea of a dry, desert landscape in conjunction with the dungeon plans and architectural plans.