Amanda (Siman) Tian, B.Arch '22

ARCH 500A: Comprehensive Architectural Design

Instructor: John V. Mutlow

The project aims to reactivate the community by defining the language of integration vs. fragmentation. Through the contrast and the transition people experience differently, in which the local African American identities are highlighted.

Traditionally, people have to stop or sit down to watch the film and visit the gallery, but for an African American community who prefer more casual and informal art forms, I rethink the way people approach to film arts programs. Visitors are able to participate in art and film activities while walking around or just passing by the building. The building is not creating a boundary to frame new programs, but to offer an opportunity to bound residents, visitors and all existing buildings in the neighborhood.

The two primary gathering space are the atrium for permanent visitors and the plaza for temporary passersby. At each moment, especially at the public portion, people have more than one thing to do. It doesn’t mean that people cannot concentrate, but I want to bring this immersed atmosphere to surround people. This is how African American film and art talk about daily life and normal people, and take place at every moment in the life.