ARCH 302A: Architectural Design III Gallery: Co-op City – Housing for the Collective Good: From Minimal Dwelling to Maximal Housing


At the core of this project is a reconsideration of the communal living typology. The unifying starting point for this project is the concept of a private core surrounded by a ring of remarkably open and dynamic collective spaces, distributed in stepping platforms that connect the multiple areas of the building together. This concept is demonstrated in all the levels of the project, through form, and through tectonic and material expression. The interior core seeks to promote a private and quiet environment through minimal expression, warm materials, and well-enclosed spaces. The perimeter collective spaces, by contrast, are open and airy, thanks to a visually light and open steel structure, while a translucent facade and roof brings in light and connects the inhabitants to their surrounding community. This building is intended as a centerpiece addition to Leimert Park without detracting from the existing urban landscape.