ARCH 402A: Architectural Design IV Gallery: Off-Grid and Off-Site: Strawberry Fields Forever


The design of this community follows the aquaponics model, a mixture of hydroponics and aquaculture, with the program imitating the layout of the system. Water attributed program such as bathrooms, showers, and laundry room are located at the ground level, incorporating the fish tanks. The second level accommodates for the sleeping quarters, kitchen, dining, and communal spaces, enclosed by the plants which serve as both shade and food. Through this design, natural ventilation and communal spaces are prevalent, encouraging the community to become part of the aquaponic system. The way the hydroponic planters work as a façade and part of the system allows for different types of semi-sheltered outdoor spaces that encourage communal gathering and sharing of the plant’s harvest.
This building will provide an opportunity for farmworkers to create a permanent community where they will be able to grow their own fruits, vegetables, and fish in a sustainable manner. The outside spaces function in a way that draw attention from cities close by in forms of cultural events and buying the produce produced through the aquaponics system. The sports facilities allow the participation between the children of the farmworkers with surrounding schools and through this exposure to outside cities there is an inflow of income as well as more opportunities to succeed.