ARCH 202A: Architectural Design II Gallery: Site and Context, Analysis and Diagrams

Hills of Health

Increasing urban conditions continue to threaten the well being of humans. Burbank is no exception, with its lack of green space, which is also highly fragmented. Hills of Health romanticizes and emphasizes the power of green space to enhance the health of individuals and communities through an expansive exterior, which facilitates a wide range of outdoor opportunities, all of which work to boost physical, mental, communal and environmental health.
Furthermore, the project is inspired by Blue Zones of the world, in which people live the longest and healthiest lives, which can partially be attributed to small scale living. Similarly, this superblock contains all necessary programs for a community to function, promoting the same small scale living found in Blue Zones, while also prioritizing green space equity and abundance. Here, nature becomes a part of daily life and activity; those who experience this space no longer have to seek green space to interact with it.