ARCH 402A: Architectural Design IV Gallery: Off-Grid and Off-Site: Strawberry Fields Forever

Greenhouse Clusters

Designed for small groups of individuals to offer as much interior space as possible while using the least amount of surface area. Promoting a communal gathering place that encourages interaction between visitors, local residents as well as farm workers. Each unit houses 5 individuals along with 4 other units connected to a central greenhouse creating a cluster. There are 5 clusters on the site along Maricopa Highway. The greenhouse serves as the primary source of water and food for the occupants as well as a possible source of income. The included space of a sales kiosk promotes home grown surplus food to visitors and the local community.

Looking at a structure that once transported and erected is now adapted into a structure suitable for permanent use. To allow for light and a more comfortable living experience, there are added moments of greenery as well as translucent window panels.

This home serves as a space where the worker can go to away from their hectic workplace. Everything from a kitchen, laundry, bathroom and bed would be provided in a space that is convenient and practical for the user.