ARCH 502: Architectural Design V Gallery: Dinner Party

Get Away

Get Away is a kit created as a direct response against homogenous, prescriptive experiences ubiquitous around us in big box corporate stores and restaurants. Originally conceived as a product to introduce an element of user’s choice into these environments in unexpected and unforeseen ways, Get Away has been re-concieved as a kit to hack social quarantine and bring variety and physical and mental escape into the monotony of one’s confined surroundings. Get Away consists of panels that can be assembled together to create a space, a memory, an environment that one can immerse into — the panels can be arranged in multiple ways providing a myriad of choices for the user and endless variety, entertainment, and fodder for a potentially dulled imagination. Individual panels are slotted to spaces, but really come alive as they become personalized with the addition of one’s personal items collected from the home.