ARCH 302A: Architectural Design III Gallery: Co-op City – Housing for the Collective Good: From Minimal Dwelling to Maximal Housing

Furca Leimert Park

FURCA is a 21-unit apartment building with an auditorium and performance park, designed to provide 4-5 person families, as well as couples and solitary individuals with airy and pleasant homes featuring balcony access. The auditorium is designed to enable community performances with a variable degree of enclosure and safety, as the exterior envelope unfolds, creating a 360-degree ‘amphitheater.’ The building additionally expresses its interior program through the orientation of cladding: two-level units feature vertical wood slats, while horizontal slats distinguish one-level units, while public areas and circulation points likewise feature distinct cladding. Many units additionally feature ‘mini’ balconies that are shaded from the harsh eastern and western sun and provide access to fresh air. These mini-balconies provide another layer of articulation to the facades and their staggered arrangement lends a sense of rhythm to the exterior.