Stephanie Saunders, B.Arch '22

ARCH 500A: Comprehensive Architectural Design

Instructor: Erin Kasimow

This project aims to address the concept of cultural erosion and elitism within cultural institutions as it relates to the black filmmakers who participated in the LA Rebellion. The LA Rebellion was created as a response to the absence of black filmmakers and black narratives in mainstream films, however the movement has now been erased from the history of film. The LA Rebellion responded to the erosion of black narratives, but has been excluded from contemporary film history. This project uses erosions as they form in nature to create voids in a regular form to interrupt and inform programming and circulation. These interruptions, rather than erode, create opportunity for new interactions between the programming. The programmatic and plan organization aims to further critique the elitism within cultural institutions; the lower floors follow a contained, opaque, wall-based plan, but
as the elevation increases, the programs become larger and more flexible, so that walls become a less dominant organizational strategy, proposing ways to display art outside of the classical European gallery.