District of Looped Community

Hua Wei, B.Arch '24

ARCH 202A: Architectural Design II

Gallery: Site and Context, Analysis and Diagrams

Instructor: Scott Uriu

My design focused around an endless, multilayered loop that serves both as a pathway for pedestrians and bikers as well as a green open space for the community and the whole city as it travels up and down through the district. Through extrusion and subtraction, the shape of the building is defined by the loop. The buildings are higher on the south to block the sun and lower at North and East with a garden space based on the rhyme of the surrounding residential houses to integrate with the neighboring residential areas. The different layered loop constitutes different types of community activities ranging from indoor, outdoor, and large-scale public activity. A set of subloop interconnects the buildings and loop as well as to the neighboring district. Water features are included throughout the site to optimize interactions and illuminates the site.