ARCH 302A: Architectural Design III Gallery: Speculations on Co-living and Collective Housing


This project provides a co-living model for young adults such as university students or graduated students. To provide convenience to the inhabitants, various functional spaces are contained on the ground floor to satisfy basic living conditions, such as dining, working, and washing spaces. As the housing is targeted for young adults, communal outdoor areas become crucial in the design. Outdoor spaces not only provide a sense of belongingness to space, but they also allow more social activities to occur. Thus, the project contained a large portion of outdoor spaces throughout the 3 levels.
On the other hand, the project provides a high sense of privacy and individuality as well. All bedrooms are designed as single-user rooms so the inhabitants can have their little world in a co-living housing environment. The young adults can thus enjoy having people accompany but still maintain their privacy at the same time.

In the design aspect, curvatures are introduced into the forms since round spaces provide a sense of belongingness to the space. The curves are only applied to communal spaces in order to emphasize its importance in the whole housing and to give unique identities to them.