ARCH 402A: Architectural Design IV Gallery: Extreme-ness, or Nine Points for an Architecture of Affordable Housing in Los Angeles

Courtyard Zigzag

The concept of my project was to create permanent supportive housing for recovering addicts, teens, seniors, and those with disabilities. The design derived from the surrounding neighborhood grid where I then placed bars horizontally and vertically to create a zig zag effect. This effect allows for different zones to be placed throughout the site where I added a herb harden, Zen garden, outdoor eating, and a water garden; creating a restorative environment for its inhabitants. On the ground floor lays the communal spaces, which include many rehabilitation centers and health clinics, as well as a daycare. Above are the living spaces where there are three types of units: single, couple, and family. Adjacent to the site is Leon H Washington Park, which provides an abundance of recreational activities that can be useful to residents. Also, the blue line is a ten-minute walk from the site, allowing for easily accessible transportation.