ARCH 402A: Architectural Design IV Gallery: Off-Grid and Off-Site: Strawberry Fields Forever


This project approaches the idea of the evolution of the migrant farm worker over time. Usually, migrant workers come as a single individual before bringing their family with them or starting a family. This project evolves with the worker family allowing for the contraction and expansion of space overtime. The kit of parts would be assembled into two moving systems, interior and exterior shell, along rails in the foundation. The interior pieces allow for spaces to expand and contract while the exterior serves as a way to bridge the expansion spaces, provide light filtering effects, and produce power via building integrated photovoltaics. The community concept would be to provide residents a way to share their culture and work to the outside community. The units provide the flexibility to be used for other open programs such as farmers markets to sell crops they grow, dining to share their own cooking, and education. The communities would act as cultural nodes to connect the Maricopa Highway, biking routes, walking routes and nearby hiking routes to a place where they can learn, share, and grow. Ultimately, the project transforms with the family and community, giving the occupants the power to create their space as needed.