ARCH 202B: Architectural Design II Gallery: The Materiality of Schools, Sites, and Sheds

Boundary-less Kindergarten

The main idea for this project is to apply wall rotation and intersection onto the plan with a grid-aligned-truss system placed on top of the rotated walls. This emphasizes the idea of rotation and intersection with two different systems (truss and wall) working in contrasting direction, but still function together to ensure that the structures are all well supported. At ground level, the floor becomes a gradual slope that transitions into the landscape, blending the classroom space with the courtyard to represent the removal of the threshold between exterior and interior. The articulation in the floor is minimal in order to contrast with the visual complexity in the roof structure. Thus, this simple spatial continuity with the shared interior courtyard provides children an opportunity to be inside the classroom while experiencing nature simultaneously, enriching their wandering experience inside the room.