ARCH 202A: Architectural Design II Gallery: Site and Context, Analysis and Diagrams

Accessibility in a community.

With my project I intended to turn my portion of the burbank airport into a connected and accessible micro-community that emphasizes multi-generational housing. My project does this through the creation of apartments designed with basic “L” and “U” modules with plans designed to exemplify the benefits of multi-generational housing. The shapes are then repeated and rotated 90° with each additional floor, creating navigable terraces and balconies on top of each floor, as well as natural forming courtyards which bleed into the interior park space through large openings that come with the module shapes.

Multi-generational housing succeeds through more privatized living situations, as well as accessibility. With my project I aimed to eliminate all non essential private space and create a superblock that was as accessible as possible. This was done through pathways, bridges, and ramps across multiple levels of the site that connect every structure with each other and allow travel around the site and across the centralized green space. Promoting connection and ideas of a tight knit community that form not only around the way they occupy their homes, but also the how space is occupied and used across the site as a whole.