ARCH 302A: Architectural Design III Gallery: Speculations on Co-living and Collective Housing

A Yard to be Proud Of

This co-living project houses up to 58 people, catering to students as well as diverse family configurations, providing ample space for sleep, living, socialization, study, and play. Expansive outdoor space is inspired by the yards of neighboring single family homes, resulting in a public park and private terraces. The ground level public park creates a gathering space for Leimert Park and an entrance into the building’s public library and workspace.

The project samples from its context with an industrial skin wrapping the living floors, which continue the color and geometries of surrounding homes.

Inside, a hierarchy of spaces blend from units, to pods, to entire floors. Large doors create manipulable zones of shared interior space on each residential floor to encourage interaction between inhabitants, creating a more collaborative living experience.