A Gradient from built to natural space

Miranda Davila, B.Arch '25 and Jean Lee, B.Arch '25

ARCH 102A: Architectural Design I

Gallery: HOME|WORK

Instructor: Sandra Yum

For this project, I am exploring the relationship between Architecture and the outside environment through the distinction between public and private space, and independence versus codependence. There is a gradient in the site going from very open, beam and plane structures toward intimate, smaller spaces in the ground. It focuses on the themes of visibility and connection to ground. As the user goes farther into the site, the vegetation and structures become more of a barrier as the user gets less and less visible from the social areas. As the user comes out of the ground toward more civilization, their pathways are physically built, and then the roofs themselves become walkways as the user becomes less connected to nature and more dependent on architecture.