ARCH 402B: Architectural Design IV

Thresholds: Los Angeles

In the physical demarcations of boundaries, thresholds reveal cultural approaches to space and construction. The studio explored threshold conditions in a series of design problems framed by different threshold explorations from abstract studies to sites in the Little Tokyo neighborhood in Downtown Los Angeles with particular interest in teasing out segregating thresholds. The challenges issued included a threshold matrix and analysis, the design of a pure or independent threshold such as the Shinto torii/gate and an indexical or interdependent threshold, and lastly, a building that served as a threshold to the urban Little Tokyo/Arts District ecosystem. In each challenge, students explored spatial distinctions and transitions in search of the thresholds between them, the mechanics of spatial distinctions as defined by edges or limits, and both formal and cultural threshold conditions. Additionally, the studio explored 2D drawing and 3D physical hybrid media before the quarantine and 2D/3D drawing hybrids in the final project.

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