ARCH 302B: Architectural Design III

Oakwood Community Center

The existing Oakwood Recreation Center in Venice is slated to be replaced. Oakwood Park has been an active community site dating back to 1931, when the City of Los Angeles constructed a 3,150 structure to serve the local community. This original structure was demolished in 1976 to make way for a new recreation center. The center received a series of additions over the subsequent decade and is a community hub for a variety of activities including after school programs, youth sports clinics, summer camps, and language tutoring. In addition, the existing center offers a number of programs for adults. The building has an open gym, computer labs, and offers meals for seniors who live in the area.

The existing center is located along California Avenue and situated at the southeast corner of Oakwood Park. The park provides outdoor recreation facilities including baseball, soccer and basketball. Our specific site consists of 13 contiguous lots forming a trapezoid bordered by Oakwood.

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